Langkawi and Argus Update

It’s good to be back in Cape Town. I’ve decided to fly back home as the weather is still good and I can get a good few weeks of training in before my next race in April. This week I’m spending time in the gym before picking things up seriously on the bike next week again.

I enjoyed riding the Argus. The race is on my training roads and I just love it. Thanks for all the compliments. I enjoyed testing the legs up the climbs. I actually wasn’t feeling that good in the beginning but things got better as the race went on.

I came to the race from Langkawi were we won the tour with Reinie. It was a great team effort. I am very happy for him and I can see he is flying now. I am looking forward to seeing how he goes the next few weeks. There was one stage were Johann and I controlled the front all day. It was hard but with your team having the jersey, it gives you that extra motivation.

I have had a busy racing season this year and it has taught me where I need to improve to be the rider who I want to be. I’m looking forward to putting in the work over the next few weeks and looking for opportunities in the races in the next few months to prove what I am capable of on the bike.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.01.55 AM


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